February 23, 2014

Half term, what half term?

Sunday evening which means ironing school uniform, getting lunches ready and making sure all homework is complete. Yet typing this has just made me realise I can't think where Kels has put hers, more than likely and quick search in the morning will do. Anyways it's the end of half term. I'm not really sure why there is a half term in February but still it's come to end and Kels will be going back to school tomorrow.

For me it's a different story. Yes I work with children yet I work with those at there most developmental stage which means no half terms for me. The only time off I get is that I book off. Not exactly good when I enjoy spending time with my 2 munchkins.

I cherish my weekends and so today we got ready and spent the day at the city looking around at new clothes ready for spring - perhaps a mini haul on stuff we like or bough for spring. Let me know if you'd like that. I'm very picky when it comes to clothes and so I take my time umming and arring all the time. Out of about 2 hours we decided to buy a game called "Alphabet lotto"! When we came home we tidied all the toys away to make room for the game. I of course was a kind mummy and let both Kai & Kels win several times.
After quite a few rounds of games we then made some yummy cupcakes which we ate after our dinner.

And that was my day. I love the time I now spend with my two babies. As working full time I don't get to spend an awful lot of time with them these days. When I get in from work it's pretty much dinner, bath, story and bed. No time for having fun with mummy :( hopefully that all changes soon. But we shall see.

So how was your half term? Your Sunday? Your time with your little ones?


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