January 06, 2013

Our late honeymoon..

Bit of a very random post getting published now but I'm just so excited I can't wait.
So as you all know me & Mr L got married 6 months ago - I know half a year has gone by already it's amazing. Well considering we was moving 3 weeks later we never got to have a honeymoon, so decided if we could afford it we shall go away for our 1yr anniversary and have it as our late honeymoon.
Well it's booked. Booked it today and I can't wait. We fly out on our anniversary date and as its a day flight we arrive in the evening leaving only little time left but its still nice to have a getaway. The children will be staying will their grandparents for the week while we go to..... Lanzarote!! A whole week, all inclusive 4* stunning hotel. I can't wait as you can tell.

Now to buy a suitcase, holiday clothes and patiently wait for July to come.


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