February 12, 2012

Valentines Day

I'm secretly a romantic person.
I like to be treated like a princess
And showered with lovely presents for my birthday & Xmas
Valentines day I like to be romanced
But having 2 children is slightly hard

Our relationship was slightly rushed.
9 months into our relationship
We made that ever important decision to have children
And so Kels was created.
Yes we wasn't together for long
But it felt right and I knew Mr.L was the one.

Fast forward 4 years from that moment
And we have another addition to the family
Along with the up coming wedding.

I can't really remember the very first Valentines we spent together
But last year was quite funny.
I bought Mr.L a monkey
That wore a top saying "Be Mine"
Rather cute, although Mr.L didn't think so
Every time you walked past him
He would whistle.
In the end he took the batteries out.
Sadly I don't have a picture as can't find it anywhere
As soon as its been found I will post a picture.

My 2 favourite presents
Would have to be a valentines heart
That says "Wake me up when its Friday"
Its so soft and I just love it.
I told Mr.L I liked it and he went and bought it for me
Not that relevant to to V.day but close enough.

My 2nd favourite present
Is a slight bit cheesy.
Its a huge white teddy bear
with a love heart saying "Love"
When I'm feeling a bit down and unwell and obviously don't wanna pass it on to Mr.L
I cuddle my bear.
Its soft just like my pillow.

Obviously I do love the flowers
And chocolates
And card
The cheesy presents, you can't beat.
This valentines
I've decided to cook us a nice romantic meal.
Not sure what yet.

Whats the best valentines gift you've received?

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