April 28, 2014

Family Walk

Such a glorious day. In fact we have had some lovely weather the last few days. I've completed my course at long last and hopefully things will begin to look up from here and out. I had a little lay in and then decided to do something with my little family instead of staying in. So after lunch we all headed out to the local lake. Now considering we have lived here for almost 2 years we have never visited the lake. So here are a few of our family snaps from our day at the lake.

April 25, 2014

What is it like to be pregnant?

What's strange is before I had Kels or Kai I never once asked the question 'what is it like to be pregnant' it is only now after I'e had them I get asked the question and my answer is: its different for everyone. And it's true. I had 2 completely different pregnancies with both the children, almost like it was 2 different people except it wasn't.

My pregnancy with Kels was pretty much a text book pregnancy. No morning sickness, no symptoms just smooth. If I didn't have a growing bump or stretchmarks here, there and everywhere people probably wouldn't have guessed that I was pregnant. My pregnancy with Kai was extremely different. I had unusual cravings where I wanted to mix coca cola and mash potato together (I didn't but at the time it sounded nice), sickness from the beginning to pretty much the end, sore boobs, weeing loads and to top it I discovered that through my labour with Kels her blood escaped and mixed with mine creating these anti bodies. Such anti bodies will now fight any potential baby I have like a virus but only if my blood crosses the placenta. Scary? Yes. There is currently no 'cure' or remedy to help keep it at bay other than constant monitoring through the thing I fear most - blood test. Well I fear needles so same thing.

By the end of my pregnancy when Kai was born to say I was relieved was an understatement I was more than relieved. We had both made it to the end with out any 'major' complications. No more needles for now and I can start enjoying being a mum of 2. However, if I put all that aside I actually really enjoy being pregnant. Knowing you are growing a little person inside is amazing. The appointments you attend, having scans where you can see your baby growing, hearing the heartbeat knowing you made that is incredible. What our bodies are designed to do are beyond amazing. The growing bump, the little kicks and movements you feel is a feeling no-one can describe unless you have experienced it. For me being pregnant is amazing. I often hear people say that hate being pregnant but why? You started out as a women and being pregnant takes you on a journey to motherhood. Sure it's can be very un-glamourous but surely the end result would and should make you enjoy it more?

What was your experience like of being pregnant? Did you like or hate it? Why? I'd love to hear your views.

April 23, 2014

New Bedroom

Kels and Kai use to sleep in the small box room until now. Easter weekend they spent time with their nana and grandad while me and Mr L decorated and moved there rooms. The room they are now in was painted a purple/lilac colour and was yet to be changed since moving into the house almost 2 years ago. They now have some more space to place and keep their toys. Here are some pictures:

April 21, 2014

Do things really happen for a reason?

I've always thought everything happens for a reason but I sometimes doubt that when life can be so cruel. Why did it happen? To us, to them. What did our family ever do wrong? Those are just a few questions we won't get answers too yet unfortunately those are answers we would love to hear.
May be questioning why I want answers or why I'm doubting a good motto but sadly on March 10th this year we had to say goodbye to a beautiful little girl who grew her wings far too early. Mr. L's and mines beautiful niece and Kels & Kai's cousin. Who will always be in our thoughts and hearts.
But did this happen for a reason? If so what reason? I can't justify the pain of loosing my niece nor what my brother-in-law and best friend are going through, only that they have each other, all of us and are strong within themselves.


Goodbye is such a hard thing to say
When the person we love had to go away
So we look above
At the stars in the sky
And send all our beautiful angels
All our love
We all hated to see you go
But alas our angels you must rest
So Into Gods hands
We have placed the very best
Rest now sweet angels
Love and God bless
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